Client Testimonials

“Amazing service and fantastic people! I was concerned when I realized I need some sort of hearing help at a relatively young age, being a musician, and exposed to too much volume. Andrew and Tracy were amazing!

They explained what my options were, and got me sorted out right away. The difference was truly life changing. Sharpe Hearing Clinic’s after sale service is second to none! Don’t wait if you think you need help in this department, and go visit Andrew and Tracy.”

– Peter

“Anyone that knows me, knows that I have had hearing issues for a long time. Today I went to the Sharpe Hearing Clinic and had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful couple. It was the best experience in my history of my hearing challenge. Absolutely wonderful people. They made me feel at home and I left more informed then I have ever been. If you’re in Barrie and you or someone you know needs hearing help, 5 stars both for quality and for caring. I can’t imagine a better experience. Thank you both for making what I find an uncomfortable experience normally, to be welcoming and nice and really informative.”

– Randall

“Being in my 20’s, you say to yourself it will never happen to me. I used to think those who wore hearing aids were all old people, and I refused to wear them. By 40, I had lost 60% of my ability to hear a normal conversation and as an educator, I gave in and got hearing aids. Wow, what a difference. Today you can’t even see them they are so small. My music and TV doesn’t have everyone around me covering there ears. I would like to thank Andrew and Tracy for the excellent care I get every time I go there. Its so nice to see the same people every time you go. I recommend them to any one who asks were I go for my hearing aids.”

– Debbie

“Andrew and Tracy I can’t thank you enough. I was blessed to find a clinic that is not out for the corporate sales push. I did have a tear or two when I left. I heard things like the music in the mall. The fact I don’t even know it’s in my ear is amazing. I truly can’t express enough, for any potential clients, just call the office they will make a difference and give you the time you need. My appointment took time and never once did Andrew rush me through, he took the time to explain what was going on with my hearing loss and answered every question I had.”

– Shawn

“Thank you Tracy and Andrew. I am hearing the subtle things that I thought I had lost forever like leaves rustling and the birds chirping. Thank you for the wonderful friendly service, it is a pleasure every time I drop in to see you.”

– Larry

“I have had hearing aids for years but I was never really satisfied. My sister went to Sharpe Hearing and was very pleased with the service she received so she encouraged me to visit them. The service at Sharpe Hearing is definitely 5 Star, excellent for sure. Marc, Andrew and Tracy were so patient and accommodating. I highly recommend them to anyone who has a hearing problem. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Not only do they provide great service they care about you. I felt they were as pleased as I was and that I was so excited I could hear so well. By the way, get your hearing checked even if you think you don’t need hearing aids. Thank you Sharpe Hearing, you are the best!!”

– Beverley

“I couldn’t have asked for more friendly and efficient service than I have received from Andrew and Tracy while purchasing and using my hearing aids. For years I struggled to hear in social situations. I’d feel left out due to only hearing bits and pieces of stories or jokes. I discouraged conversations in many settings because I had to listen too intently to follow along. Since I’ve had my hearing aids I have taken horseback riding lessons, photography courses, done volunteer work and many other things I would have avoided due to my limited hearing. Thank you Sharpe Hearing Clinic for giving me back the ability and confidence to interact with the world.””

– Wendy

“Andrew and Tracy Sharpe are truly amazing and as a family owned business, provide far superior service than any franchised clinic. It is very evident, that as a “home-grown boy” Andrew cares deeply about his clients an the community he serves.”

– Beth

Sharpe Hearing Clinic is registered with the Ministry of Health, Assistive Devices Program.
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