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Hearing Tests & Fittings

Complete Hearing Testing

If you are having difficulties hearing, the only way to determine if you have hearing loss is to have a hearing test.

Below you will find the step by step process of what to expect during your hearing assessment. We will explain your results and provide you all the information you need to make the best decision for you.

Hearing History :

We will start with a discussion and questionnaire about your hearing health and any difficulties to provide us with information on your current situation and needs.

Visual Exam (otoscopy) :

We will check inside your ear and take a look at your eardrum to make sure there is nothing to prevent you from continuing with the hearing test, like earwax.

Middle Ear Test (tympanometry) :

Tympanometry is a test that evaluates the middle ear function to provide us more information in evaluating a hearing loss. These results help determine whether a hearing loss can be helped by hearing aids or if a medical referral is warranted based on findings such as fluid, ear infection, or ear wax.

Hearing Test :

We begin with presenting tones (pure-tone audiometry) in a sound-proof room to determine the quietest low & high pitched sounds you can hear. Then we will present various words (speech audiometry) to assess your ability to hear clarity in words to understand at a comfortable volume.

Results and Recommendations :

If your test shows a hearing loss, your results be explained in detail and depending on the type of hearing loss that is revealed, this may involve a hearing aid recommendation or a referral to your family physician for medical management.

Hearing Aid Evaluation

If hearing aids are recommended, we will connect your hearing difficulties with your test results to determine the best hearing aid for you.

Hearing aids come in various shapes and sizes. They are now much smaller and offer various technology levels with more selection in your price point.

We also welcome prescriptions from Physicians or an Audiologists. A referral is not required for you to visit and explore our service and pricing.

Hearing Aid Fitting

We are Hearing Instrument Specialists trained in the programming and use of hearing aid electronics and manufacturer software. We assess the comfort and fit of your hearing aids to make sure they are suited perfectly for you and we perform verifications to ensure your hearing aids are programmed correctly for your hearing aid prescription.

We also discuss the fit and maintenance. This includes identifying the right hearing aid from the left, volume control, how to insert the hearing aids into your ear and take it out, and how to change the batteries.

Sharpe Hearing Clinic is registered with the Ministry of Health, Assistive Devices Program.
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