Preserve Your Hearing:

Today’s world offers new ways of listening to sound and can damage hearing in a much shorter exposure time. Sadly, people hesitate to wear earplugs in fear of looking foolish.

Your lifestyle will determine which type of filter and style of protection. For many, it is work related (construction worker, farmer, factory worker, police office) or it may be for the love of music…loud music.


Here are a few tips to protect your “sharpears”:

  • Wear ear plugs or ear muffs when using loud equipment or listening to loud music
  • Limit your exposure.
  • Turn down the volume on TV & music devices.
  • Move further away from the sound at entertainment activities such as a concert, fireworks or cinema
  • Ask your Physician or Pharmacist about your medication
    Some prescription and non-prescription drugs can cause hearing loss.
  • Have your hearing tested. Be proactive and know your results.
    Your hearing professional will provide you recommendations on your hearing plan.

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