Daily cleaning and maintenance is important to ensure long-lasting sound quality.

Having trouble with your hearing aid?

Most minor hearing aid repairs can be done in the clinic. If your hearing aid requires extensive repair we will send the hearing aid to the appropriate manufacture for you.

Purchased your hearing aid somewhere else?

No worries, we are pleased to help. Come in and see how we differ and transfer your file at no cost.

At Sharpe Hearing Clinic all our hearing aids come with:

3 Year manufacture warranty
2 Year loss & damage warranty
Free lifetime in-house service and maintenance
3 Year supply of Batteries

You may be able to troubleshoot the issue on your own:

  • Replace the battery
  • Replace the wax filter
  • Gently brush over the microphones
  • Remove the hearing aid from your ear and reinsert
  • Clean earwax collected at the tip of the earmold

Still no sound?

Schedule an appointment or drop in to have your hearing aid evaluated.

Servicing ADP, WSIB, DVA and Private Insurances.