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Photo of a lady at the Sharpe Hearing Clinic smiling having her ears tested

Sincere Client Compliments

At Sharpe Hearing Clinic, we value our customers like family, and we love to hear from them after their appointments with us. Below are a few of the kind words our amazing clients have to say. We ensure that all of our clients get the best service available.

“Now that Josephine can hear better, I can’t get away with anything! Before meeting you, I was able to have five minutes to myself, now she hears the doorknob turning when I am walking in!”


“I recently came upon a private hearing aid store in Bayfield Mall, Barrie Ont. After trying several franchise companies I decided to pay Sharpe Hearing Clinic a visit. I made an appointment. I was received by the receptionist, Tracy. She was very pleasant and then was introduced to her husband Andrew, the hearing aid specialist. I have never experienced such warm and caring couple that were truly interested in my needs. Two weeks later I walked out with new hearing aids and have never been happier in the way they work and the time Andrew spent to make sure everything worked just right. He also gave me a Bluetooth device that somehow works with the hearing aids and I can talk on my cell and hear perfectly as the cell is my only phone. I would definitely recommend Sharpe Hearing Clinic to anyone who has a hearing problem and wants it corrected properly. These people are awesome.”

Mary White

“I am so glad others wrote a review which convinced me this was the place to take my mom. Andrew and Tracy Sharpe are truly amazing and as a family owned business, provide far superior service than any franchised clinic. Tracy went the extra mile in helping with insurance claims and Andrew provided the best professional help in getting hearing aids for my mom and continues to provide follow-up support at my mom’s assisted living facility. It is very evident, that as a ‘home-grown boy’ Andrew cares deeply about his clients and the community he serves.”

Beth Fellows

Sharpe Hearing Clinic is registered with the Ministry of Health, Assistive Devices Program.
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